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Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Well where to start! January 2022 saw us pick up the keys to what was a 40 bed youth hostel & activity centre & from that day, Blackton Grange consumed our lives (mainly in an exciting way but also in some stressful ways too).

This was a full blown renovation project with every single aspect being stripped backed to the bare bones. We are talking new drainage systems, heating systems, full strip out, walls knocked down, walls built, ceilings rebuilt - you name it - it happened! Things we didn't even plan for happened too which is always fun (ha). Thinking your bathrooms are fitted and finished to then finding a major leak coming through the (fully re-plastered & decorated) kitchen ceiling was a real low but one we are (just) about over.

In classic Grand Designs style, we set an unrealistic deadline of 9 months to turn the former activity centre into a luxury, all singing, all dancing, exclusive holiday home. On hindsight, that deadline is probably where most of our stress came from (admittedly mostly brought on by ourselves) But what can we say, we were very excited to start our new venture and naivety may have got the better of us. We weren't too far off with our expectations though and thanks to our amazing team of Builders and our Architect, we had the space turned around in just over 12 months which we feel is still an amazing achievement.

If you don't know, Blackton Grange is a true family project - Stella and Andrew Husband and Wife) being the owners, Jodi (Stella's twin sister) managing the house and the business and Marc (Jodi's Husband) being the architect (shout out

It's true what they say, working with family can be challenging (there have been a few emotionally charged "discussions" along the way - one in IKEA carpark which sticks in my mind vividly :-p ). Having said that, it has also been an amazing experience and we have learned so much along the way. It's safe to say it has been very rewarding seeing a business that we once only ever spoke about (and dreamt about) now being a reality (pinch me).

Our main motivation around starting this business was to make a luxury, comforting place where people could come and spend quality time with the people they love most & create special memories together. We hope we have created a home where you can do just that and we look forward to playing a small part in those memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

As I write this, we are getting ready to welcome our first official paid guests (we've done many trail runs with friends and family) and we can't wait to share all our hard work with you all and welcome you to Blackton Grange.

Blackton Grange truly is "where luxury meets tranquility"


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