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Relaxation Massage

Why not treat yourself to a little more relaxation for during your stay at Blackton Grange? Our supplier brings the relaxation to you and they offer full body massage for stress relief, improved circulation and most importantly total relaxation.


They supply the massage bed and oils so all you need to do is relax.  You can stay in your dressing gown all day if you choose (we highly recommend that).  This is the ultimate additional service to enable you to have the luxury retreat you've always wanted.

Shoulder Massage

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage involves manipulation of soft tissue in order to enhance health and wellbeing. Benefits may include reducing muscle tension, improving circulation, improved recovery from soft tissue injuries and relaxation.

Why choose this service?

Our supplier can provide you with a relaxing, therapeutic experience from the comfort of Blackton Grange Estate.  


Their massage therapy is delivered by a qualified Physiotherapist, so they are able to tailor your therapy session specifically to you and your needs. If you have particular areas of discomfort or tension they can prioritise those areas and use a combination of techniques to help you to feel better.

We recommend setting the massage are up in the cinema room as it's dark and relaxing. However, if you feel more comfortable in a different room then the choice is yours.

When was the last time you pampered & really allowed yourself to switch off? Can't remember? That is a true sign that this service is definitely for you.

Information on how to book this service is made available upon booking you stay at Blackton Grange.

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