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The North Pennines 

Blackton Grange Estate is situated in the heart of The North Pennines, one of England’s most scenic places. offering peaceful, unspoilt landscapes with a rich history and vibrant natural beauty. In recognition of this it is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The area is also a Global Geopark – an accolade endorsed by UNESCO. Blackton Grange is beautifully situated amongst this stunning scenery so naturally, there is a wealth of nature to explore.

We are also lucky enough to be situated directly on the famous Pennine Way walking route - Britain's first National Trail. Steeped in history and traversing spectacular landscapes, the iconic Pennine Way stretches for 268 miles (435km) across England’s wild northern uplands and there are many different routes to explore during your stay at Blackton Grange Estate. 

Designated Dark Skies Discovery Site

With the invention of smart phones & laptops, modern life means we spend so much time looking down & likely give little more than an upward glance above.  Growing light pollution is also meaning when we do glance upwards, we’ll be lucky to spot more than a handful of stars on an average evening.


Out here in the North Pennines, it’s a completely different story. With few towns, more sheep than people, and low levels of light pollution, County Durham boasts several areas designated as Dark Sky Discovery Sites. 


Early spring and late autumn are the best times. On a clear night, you can stare at the sky and watch the Milky Way multiply before your eyes.   And guess what?? Blackton Grange Estate sits directly in one of the Discovery Sites at Balderhead Reservoir.


Imagine relaxing in the hot tub with the  milky way above you? Or those stunning wedding photographs surrounded by stars & on occasion, the northern lights? – well you can at Blackton Grange Estate where luxury and wilderness combine.

Image by Brad Mann
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