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Unleashing the Benefits: Why Self Catering Stays Outshine Hotel Breaks

Now, we love a hotel break as much as the next person but we have to admit, self-catering wins almost every time for us. You may think we are a little biased (we run a holiday home after all) but hear us out, there are A LOT of advantages to choosing a self catering holiday.

Luxury, secluded self-catering accommodation

Freedom and Flexibility

One of the main benefits of self-catering accommodation is the freedom and flexibility on offer. For example, you can set your schedule, eat when you want, and come and go as you please. It's an excellent choice for people who prefer a relaxed, non-restrictive experience and prefer to just go with the flow.


Value for Money

Self-catering can be a more budget-friendly option - yes even for luxury 5 star stays like Blackton Grange. Think about it, we can accommodate up to 17 guests, if you were to book htoel rooms for that many, the cost would quickly escalate. Not to mention the amenities and facilties are solely for your use (no sharing in sight). You can also bring your own groceries and cook your meals, avoiding the cost of dining out for every meal.


Self catering also eliminates the need to travel to and from restaurants and therefore provides the ultimate value - spending more time with your loved ones.




Self-catering accommodation often provide a level of privacy that hotels may not. You can enjoy your space without interruptions from other guests or staff. At Blackton Grange, we are situated on 11 acres of private land which is perfect for those larger group get togethers where the laughter and party may go on until the early hours.


Local Experience

Staying in a self-catering property allows you to live like a local. You can explore the local trails, shop in local towns & immerse yourself in the area. At Blackton Grange, you will have contact with us which means you can ask questions about what to do and see during your stay.


Ideal for Groups

 For larger groups or families, self-catering is often the best choice, as it provides more room and common areas for socialising as well as relaxing. At Blackton Grange for instance, we have a large open plan living area, games room, snug and cineam room. The perfect layour for bringing the gang together whislt also allowing space for individuals to have down time away from the group.


Tailor Made Experiences

With self-catering, you can make your break completey unique to you and your group. On your behalf, we have developed relationships with local suppliers who can help to make your stay even more special. If you fancy a Murder Mystery weekend or a wellness reatreat we have the contacts to make that happen. A bottomless brunch and DJ more your style or an outdoor activity morning? Whatever you fancy we are on hand to help make your stay perfect for you.

With weekends booking up fast for 2024, if you have a special occassion in mind where you think Blackton Grange would be perfect, you can easily book online via the link below.


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