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The North Pennines - the beauty really is outstanding

Tumbling waterfalls, sweeping moorlands, dramatic dales, stone-built villages, clear star lit skies and friendly faces...what else would you look for in a holiday destination?

Situated in the heart of The North Pennines, one of England’s most scenic places - Blackton Grange really packs a punch on location. Offering peaceful, unspoilt landscapes with a rich history and vibrant

natural beauty, it really should be next on your holiday hit list.

In recognition of the rugged lushness the North Pennines offers, it is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which put simply, means it's an awe inspiring place to visit. Blackton Grange is proudly situated in this stunning scenery so naturally, there is a wealth of nature to explore.

If tumbling waterfalls, uninterrupted country views and a wealth of wildlife wasn't enough, it is also home to the famous Pennine Way walking route - Britain's first National Trail. Steeped in history and traversing spectacular landscapes, the iconic Pennine Way stretches for 268 miles (435km) across England’s wild northern uplands and there are many different routes to explore by foot or bike.

Visiting the North Pennines is all about slowing down. Taking time to enjoy more and embracing the great outdoors (& indoors at Blackton Grange). It's taking the time to immerse yourself in the destination and experience the beauty for yourself. Above all it's a destination to embrace peace and tranquility and to really appreciate the joy of nature that surrounds you at every turn.


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